‘It is Time for Praise’


By Surihe Gaomas WINDHOEK In an effort to boost the morale and value of public health workers, the Ministry of Health and Social Services recently held a five-day training and development workshop under the theme: “With Pride We Care”. Close to 20 health managers attended the workshop last Friday that focussed on motivation, personal commitment, ethics and support, personal contribution, personal ownership of actions taken, as well as discipline. In her address, the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services Petrina Haingura said that for too long nurses and health service personnel have faced criticism from the public despite their hard work and commitment to the profession. She feels it is time to praise health workers. Haingura therefore appealed to the health managers to become a catalyst for change in the way they approach their work, “with great vigour, determination and dedication in order to create a caring and professional health care environment”. The latest training is also part of the ministry’s capacity building efforts, which would enhance morale and work ethics for staff in the long term. Haingura further encouraged health managers to pass on this positive momentum to their co-workers as part of an ongoing process. “This time we also want to hear positive encouragement from you, while the public should also tell us about the achievements that we have done,” she said. Speaking at the same event the Managing Director of Infinite Solutions Namibia Lynne Fraser said the five-day programme is geared towards developing and empowering health workers in their working environment. In doing so, the motive of creating a much more caring professional based on good ethical standards will take place. “It’s all about inspiring yourself and valuing yourself as a human being through skills and techniques. We will give you a new set of eyeballs to see your world differently, so let’s change the negative culture aspect,” said Fraser. Some participants were of the view that nursing has somehow turned out not to be such a priority profession due to the negative comments being made against it. However, through this workshop steps are being taken to change this perception amongst the staff. Once this workshop for health managers is over, a second one for nurses will follow.

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