Wants Poetry Slot in ArtLife


Dear Art/Life Editor Re: Seeking a Platform for Poetry As a daily reader of New Era since it became a weekly and of course taking into account the editorial staff’s philosophy of informing and educating the entire nation through the (print) media at large, I do hereby approach you as highlighted above. Now that ART/ LIFE is a Friday supplement I, as a reader, a poet and a youth propose the weekly publication of individual poetry. My supreme reasons for forwarding you this letter is that: a) I did over the past years publish individual poetry in the local daily papers and other countless South African newspapers, magazines and the Poetry Institute of Africa. After all these educational and artistic achievements I felt the need to create a local artistic impression as a basic preparation prior to the publication of an anthology. b) Poetry, compared to theatre, plays, etc., is an art genre. All of which receive a fair share of weekly publication. This poetry in the Namibian fraternity is considered an “alien talent” needing drastic media attention and exposure as it also educates, informs and entertains the masses. All of which I believe ART/ LIFE will make a reality. c) Poetry, if given the same medium of publication and attention as other art genres, will in time mature and thereby culminate financially. d) Poetry, akin to other art, is in my own words another “performance and educational plan” in action. e) I do believe Namibian poets and lyricists need a platform to showcase their latent talent and in the process educate, entertain and inform the nation while marketing themselves. I do believe my request will be favourably considered and that poetry will be published for the benefit of the art’s expansion.