Incensed by Columnist’s Allegations


Mr Farayi Munyuki, column in the New Era of Friday, 27 January 2006 has reference. Farayi Munyuki, an immigrant from Zimbabwe, tried to use his so-called column in the New Era of Friday, 27 January 2006 to cast flimsy aspersions on members of the former Transitional Government of National Unity but only ended up exposing himself as a rumour- mongering “Gastarbeiter” and gossip-collector, basing his story on hearsay and concoctions without citing facts. The Points and the Facts Munyuki must state the names of the members of the former Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNU) who have become “a pathetic sight” for him to feel sorry for and which members of the public “look at them with dismay.” Be specific and do not resort to “rumours”. Perhaps it is time to polish-up your own face in your “column”. Which members of the TGNU died “miserably” and where did Munyuki attend their “paupers'” funerals? We know of a PW (Pieter Willem) Botha, a former State President of White South Africa, now residing somewhere in Wilderness, South Africa. Louis Botha was a General during the Anglo-Boer War and became the first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa and remained PM during World War 1, siding with the British and Allies against Germany and the Axis Powers. He died in August 1919. Munyuki, get simple facts straight! Don’t talk about things you don’t know. Whether elected or not, no one can dare say that the Ministers in the Transitional Government of the Multi-Party Conference (MPC) were less competent, less qualified than the ones we have been having the last 15 years and even the ones we have today. We were not corrupt and condoning corruption and abusing power and State property. Our pay could be compared to that of Deputy Directors of Government after Independence. We are not accountable to foreigners for our political activities. It is only those who have no meaningful work to do or no ideas for today and the future who become nostalgic about the past. We apologize to no one and for nothing for our past political actions. What we did or did not do is for another ocassion. But no regrets! The term transitional, by definition, refers to a transient or temporary arrangement. Even a fool can understand that. Zimbabwe, Munyuki’s homeland, is troubled by many, many hard economic and political problems. Munyuki should do his country a patriotic service by writing about them or going back home to give a helping hand. It is a blatant lie that Andreas Shipanga is working as a “security guard” at a “supermarket” in the North. Instead of spreading lies by relying on rumours, Munyuki can simply go to Nakandi, his old home village, and see for himself what Shipanga has been doing since he left active politics. After all, work is work and all reasonable people respect the value of labour. As far as we know no member of the TGNU ever went to Munyuki’s mother to beg for money. Why is this man not working in his own country? Only a gossip-monger and a sensationalist journalist will poke his nose in the private affairs of others as to how they live, farm and where they take their meals and with whom. Herero Paramount Chief Riruako, as President of the DTA at the time, was an integral part of the Transitional Government. Munyuki should state who was responsible for the loss of Kasikili to become Sidudu at the Hague. As for the allegation that I’m in a so-called indeterminate stage, Munyuki should define that and tell the public how he knows about it. How do you know, without speaking to me, that I’m hoping for a turn for the better? Anyway, if you are talking about a political comeback, as a Member of Parliament, is that your business or is there any law against hope? Do you, Munyuki, know how long and how many times Mr Abduloaye Wade of Senegal tried to become president of Senegal? Who told you I own a farm and that I am farming? What’s the name of my farm and where is it located? You are big, monstrous liar. As for the reference to what my son did, I am horrified to find an African who gloats over, takes malicious pleasure, in the difficulties and misfortunes of someone else, especially ones who have done you no harm. I have done no harm to be disgraced. Use your words fittingly and professionally. Munyuki often abuses his space in the New Era by staging his antics under the guise of a column. A column, by definition, is a writer of regular signed newspaper articles presenting personal observations and comment on factual events and developments and not a collector of rumours and distributor of gossip. Munyuki can write as much as he wants about my son but, in the name of honesty, he must also go on to write about the children of Swapo leaders and Ministers, and others, who are in jail for crimes, including murder. Mr ‘Zimbabwe”, I never promised the police to deliver my son when he escaped from their custody, but what I did was to ask my son to return and when he came back I, and the rest of my family, handed him over to the police. I can see that you are referring to my son with dirty, ulterior motives. Your stuff is full of inaccuracies and hearsay enough to undermine your credibility and value for New Era. Many, many years ago, Mahatma Ghandi, one of the greatest practitioners of journalism for social and national purposes, said that the primary function, duty, of the press is to inform and educate the public and assess popular feelings and give expression to them and fearlessly expose hidden defects and critically but constructively guide the government of the day. Journalists are supposed to control themselves from within by checking their facts to ensure accuracy before going public. They should not always apologize after the damage is done. It is only irresponsible and reckless journalists, like Munyuki, who engage in sensationalism to feed the public with gossip to make a living. Moses K Katjiuongua and Andreas Shipanga