Fncc films for February


The Franco-Namibian cultural centre proposes every Tuesday and Thursday, 19h30, cinema showings for everybody in its cinema (capacity 70 people). Entrance fees are N$10 (N$5 for members and students). At least every two weeks, on Tuesday at 17h00, you can also come for the “Children’s corner”, and enjoy movies for free. Films are not only in French, but also English or at least subtitled in English, it was announced in a press release. Angola, Saudade from the one who loves you By Richar Pakleppa, 2004, 63 min, English version Thursday, February 02, 19h30 This documentary about Angola, which has taken two years of images collecting, is infused with all the feelings including the word Saudade, which can be translated as love, nostalgia and desire. Papkleppa’s lyrical images made a wonderful documentary, with the great music by Paulo Flores. Robots By Becky Mancuso-Winding, 2004, 86 min, English version with French subtitles Tuesday, February 07, 17h00 Rodney is a young robot full of ideas, but his village is too small for his dreams. He decides to leave to Robotcity to meet Bigweld, the most brilliant inventor and benefactor of all the robots to propose his services to him. Along the way, he makes friends with the band of the Rusties and together set faces demonic Ratchet. This last one took the control of companies Bigweld and feeds a devilish plan, which threatens the world of robots. The fall By Olivier Hirschbiegel, 2004, 150 min, French version Tuesday, February 07, 19h30 Berlin, April 1945. The 3rd Reich is dying. The fights rage in the streets of the capital. Hitler, accompanied by his generals and his closest partisans, took refuge in his bunker, situated in the gardens of the Chancellery. Humour night On Thursday, February 09 from 18h00 at the FNCC cinema. Entrance fees: N$15 For the first time, the FNCC will present a great humorous evening with three movies for only N$15 per person. Few snacks and drinks provided between the two last movies. Brice from Nice By James Hunt, 2005, 98 min, French version with English subtitles Teenager of almost 30 years old, Brice took refuge with a style; he became a “surfer”. Nobody ventures to laugh at Brice: Brice was made a speciality “break” everything and everybody with the help of his verbal skills. Mister Bones By Gray Hofmeyr, 2001, 110 min, English version Medicine man is sent looking for the son of his tribal king. The latest does not have any boy but only girl. Father Christmas is a “garbage” By Jean-Marie Poiret, 1982, 83 min, french version with English subtitles The Parisian phone durability “SOS distress-friendship” is disrupted in the evening of Christmas by the arrival of silly marginal persons who provoke disasters in chain. The crewmember By Philippe Lioret, 2004, 94 min, French version with English subtitles Tuesday, February 14, 19h30 Camille arrives at Ouessant, her island of birth, to sell the family house, which is not any more today than a country house. Yvon, her father died 10 years ago and MabÃÆ’Æ‘Æ‘ÃÆ”šÃ‚©, his mother, last year. Camille is going to discover a secret… A very high level delegation By Philippe Dutilleul, 2000, 50 min, French version with English subtitles Thursday, February 16, 19h30 A delegation of Belgian members of parliament goes to North Korea to ask about the food situation in the country. About the film, the daily newspaper Le Soir wrote: “The surrealism has henceforth two homelands: Belgium and North Korea.” The black cauldron By Ted Berman, 1985, 82 min, English version with French subtitles Tuesday, February 21, 17h00 In the country of Prydain, a young boy called Taram is in charge of a precarious mission. With his magic sword, he has to prevent the terrible lord of the darkness from appropriating a mysterious black cauldron, which gives supernatural powers. During this adventure, Taram will meet the charming princess Eilonwy. Special screening: Coast-to-Coast “A Piece of my Heart” By Olivier Aubert and Mike Blyth, producer: Mangetti Productions – 52 min – 2005 Tuesday, February 21, 19h30 – Free entrance After their “South to South” adventure in 1999, Mike Blyth and Olivier Aubert started a new adventure after the Scot explorer Livingstone. For four months, they have flown in their ULM over the magnificent landscapes of southern Africa: the Zambezi River from its delta to the Victoria Falls, the Okavango, the Kunene River up to the Atlantic Ocean. Les plumes font leur cirque By Christophe de Ponfilly, 1994, 90 min, french version with English subtitles Thursday, February 23, 19h30 Once upon a time, there was a dreamers’ band that believed that everything was possible. They rolled up their sleeves to work to build a big dream, that of the circus not as the others: the Circus plucks. In the intimacy of this surprising troop, the director makes us share their life, their work, and their attachment to the ground. Million dollar baby By Clint Eastwood, 2005, 130 min, English version with French subtitles Tuesday, February 28, 19h30 When Maggie Fitzgerald pushes the door of Frankie Dunn’s gymnasium in search of a coach, she brings not only her youth and her strength, but also a story marked out by events and a requirement: rise on the boxing ring and finally concretise the dream of a life.