And the Show Goes On


Carlos Kambaekwa Can somebody out there please apply brakes on some of the daily shenanigans going around at Soccer House as if miscarriages of procedures were going out of fashion? It’s quite disheartening to notice a disturbing pattern in some people’s habitual way of disregarding certain laws that govern their daily functions at the expense of their subjects. Remember the Ole Khiba debacle, which almost derailed the smooth running of the country’s most sought-after competition, the lucrative Tafel Lager NFA Cup eliminations? As much as I would not like to revisit that chapter, I’m afraid the ugly face of last year’s scenario might come back to haunt us again if current excesses are not addressed with the lightning speed of a cobra. Whilst I’m not in the habit of firing salvos at every available turn despite my undying lust for shooting from the hip – I can just not sit idle and pretend not to have taken note of ongoing misinterpretations of justice regarding our domestic football. Having been around the block a couple of times penning down notes about sport and football in particular, I’ve always been under the impression that football is a universal entity with the same rules governing the beautiful game applied wherever the action takes route. However, I’ve noticed funny trends in Namibian football, which appear to be in complete contrast to the norms on how the game is administered and played globally and I really don’t appreciate that. Amongst the basic laws of the globally recognized gentleman’s game is the much-hyped FIFA “Fair Play” plea, calling for those associated with the inflated pigskin to remain within the parameters of the laws governing the game. Law number 12 clearly stipulates that a player can be expelled from the field of play if he or she is in contravention of one of the seven sending-off offences – followed by the subsequent punishment of a one match suspension, and depending on the severity of the offence, the Association reserves the right to impose a harsher punishment as opposed to what is normally required by the laws of the game. If my somewhat ageing memory serves me right, I can recall last year’s explosive NFA Cup final between defending champions Black Africa and Ramblers when both teams ended with a man short after Africa’s uncompromising defender Moses “Jaws of Life” Katjiteo and Rammies midfield anchorman Duncan Subeb fell foul of the referee’s crime sheet, only to find themselves watching the dramatic climax from the stands. So in my view, football logic suggests the above-mentioned players and most probably many others who were in the same boat should have served out a one match suspension for the next match in the same competition – naaiy my broer, that exercise is not applicable to the chaotic football setup locally. Hello !!, dismissals are transferable to the next season in any organized football structures and the said players should have stayed put on the terraces to serve the compulsory one-match suspension as clearly stipulated by the laws of the game. Still on the subject of domestic football, ever wondered why some teams are still struggling to make ends meet in the elite Namib Premier League? – well, your guess is as good as mine. I’ve noticed a very unbalanced diet regarding the compilation of league fixtures as it appears to be clearly constructed in such a way to benefit certain teams – some clubs are obliged to play two consecutive matches within a space of 18 hours against opponents who have not chased leather for ages. Last weekend saw Orlando Pirates playing two matches in succession, and while some people might use Pirates’ victory against fresh opponents in their second match to ‘scorn’ cold water on my argument – this particular exercise could have serious repercussions in the long run. Let those in charge of drawing up league fixtures become more transparent and level the playing field, because I have this gut feeling some invincible forces are at it again in a desperate effort to advance the interests of their own clubs – so I humbly appeal to the Board of Governors to sit around the table and wittie like groot outies to eradicate the ongoing shenanigans, let me rest my case. It’s time to call it quits for now, so until next Friday I’m off.