Spaniards on Marine Survey Mission


By Sbu Mjikeliso WINDHOEK Spanish Ambassador to Namibia, Maria Pliego will today officially welcome the Spanish Oceanographic Vessel “Vizconde de Eza”, which arrived at the port of Walvis Bay yesterday. Led by Eduardo Balguerias from the Spanish Oceanographic Institute, the team is on a mission to study the existing fishing stocks in the Namibian continental shelf and the abyss zone, between 500 and 2 000 metres deep. On board of the vessel is a joint scientific team of Namibian and Spanish experts in marine geology, fisheries and marine biology. This year’s campaign, labelled the “Namibia 0602”, is expected to last from February 03 to March 02. These experts consider the survey very important because it will provide scientific data about the composition and ecology of the living marine resources on the benthic and demersal areas, a press release from the Spanish embassy revealed. The result of the survey will be made available to the two governments. That knowledge will contribute to the establishment of the scientific parameters of a sustainable and rational management of the living marine resources in Namibian waters.