Albino Association Gets a Lift


By Anna Ingwafa WINDHOEK The Namibian Albino Association Trust this week received a donation of a variety of goods such as hats and cream to the value of over N$40 000 from the diamond giant NamDeb, as well as 1 500 t-shirts from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Joseph Ndinomupya, a volunteer president of the Namibia Albino Association Trust, sought assistance from the Government and NGOs in the association’s efforts to combat skin cancer that afflicts and shortens the life of albinos. According to Ndino-mupya, the association has learned that 95 percent of people living with albinism are really suffering from skin cancer and the high rate of death is caused by skin cancer, thus the “association called on Good Samaritans to help the association”. The goods donated by NamDeb and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting benefited the children from the School of Visually Impairment in Windhoek that caters for children who are visually impaired and learners with albinism. Ndinomupya says that the association appealed to Cabinet to get financial assistance of about N$3 million so that it can reach people with albinism in all the regions in the country and conduct an education awareness campaign, “to be aware about the danger of the sun on the skin and the importance of wearing protective clothing and the importance of sun protection creams”. The association was formed by the late Swapo Ankama, Joseph Ndinomupya, Moses Kaluwapa and Walde Kam-bambi, who are all living with albinism. Through the association, the needs and problems facing people living with albinism can be addressed.