More rains predicted


By Sbu Mjikeliso Windhoek The sight of running water has become all too common in Windhoek, and it is not about to stop. More rains in the form of thundershowers are predicted for this week. The controllers of the sluice gates need to be on their toes as Windhoek, along with most other areas in the country, will experience more wet whether. Last week, the heavy rains disrupted traffic in the city, with some sections of Jan Jonker road, Nelson Mandela road and most parts of the eastern suburbs closed off due to overflowing water. The rains though come as a welcome surprise to farmers in the Gobabis area, with Seeis River reaching unexpected water levels. CEO of the Namibian National Farmer’s Union, Vehaka Tjimune said: “The farmers on the outskirts of the city are definitely not complaining. We experienced droughts for most of last year, so the current rains have been most welcome.” Although the weatherman has predicted more rain, the weekend events won’t be interrupted. Clear skies are predicted over the central regions of the country, with overcast conditions in the evening. Windhoek, a city which receives an average of 76mm of rain annually, is set to surpass this figure, according to the city’s meteorological services website. This could cause more flooding problems for certain parts of the city such as Dolam, whose structures have already been hit by heavy downpours.