EDUCATION: Plea to Stop Vandalism


By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK A serious appeal to the community at large was last week made to stop vandalizing government school buildings anywhere and everywhere. The call was made by Khomas Regional Councillor for Katutura Central, Helster Gawanab, at the handing-over ceremony of a 16-seater bus to Theo Katjimune Primary school in Katutura. “The Khomas Regional Council views education as very important for the development of the nation. It’s an undeniable priority. Therefore, it is important that we look after our school buildings and educational equipment as national assets,” Gawanab said with reference to more than 100 broken windows at Theo Katjimune Primary School, that had to be repaired at high cost. Gawanab also encouraged learners to regularly attend school in their own interest. “You are the leaders of tomorrow. It is thus necessary to properly prepare yourselves for the future of the country. Parents need to support schools and learners more in all educational activities and encourage them to excel in their daily schoolwork,” Gawanab said. Gert Katzao, an inspector of schools in the Ministry of Education, also spoke at the same occasion. “School transport is a universal problem. Most Nami-bian schools are without their own buses and primarily rely on expensive private transport. “This school is setting a good example of resolving their own transport problem. The Ministry of Education welcomes this gesture and encourages other schools to do the same,” said Katzao, describing the purchase of the bus as an inspiring idea.