Classes Resume at Kasheshe


By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK Classes have finally resumed at Kasheshe Combined School in the Sibbinda Constituency in the Caprivi, where a group of parents angered by a high failure rate barred teachers from the institution. Dozens of irate parents unhappy with the low passing rate at the school prevented teachers from executing their duties for three days last week, before classes resumed two days ago following a dialogue. Speaking to New Era this week, the acting Caprivi Regional Education Director Lovemore Lupalezwi said the dialogue to resolve the impasse at the school involved education officials and the affected parents. He also said members of the school board and the councillor for Sibbinda Constituency Felix Mukupi were also involved in the talks. “The issue was fully resolved, teachers are teaching and learners are learning and the (school) principal is back in his office,” he said. The senior education officer said the blockade of the school came about because there was simply a misunderstanding between parents, and urged people who might have similar grievances not to resort to similar action as the education policy is very clear on this score. At the height of the blockade, Lupalezwi dispatched a circuit inspector to the affected school who was tasked with listing the grievances. In the meantime the regional education office is compiling a report on the matter. The report would be sent to the Ministry of Education in Windhoek. Despite an earlier undertaking to avail more information with regard to the number of students who failed at Kasheshe, Lupalezwi was unable to do so as his phone went unanswered at the appointed time. Thousands of secondary school students failed grade 10 last year due to a number of shortcomings being blamed on the education system and also on the teachers and students themselves.