Pastor Calls for Constant Prayer


By Engel Nawatiseb TSUMEB Parents of learners that are allegedly haunted by evil spirits at some schools in the north have appealed for assistance to fight the demonic forces. Villagers in the north and nearby schools have of late reported various incidents related to the unwanted spirits harassing people. In response to the parents’ plea, Pastor Isaskar Arachab of the Hope Restoration Centre at Tsumeb said villagers haunted by demons should consult their spiritual leaders and make confessions about their unexposed past evil deeds that might be the direct cause of innocent children being terrorised by the demons. Arachab said yesterday that demons might be internal and generated in people’s own minds. Some parents, he stated, indulge themselves in “witchcraft” in search of fortunes, luck and success and in return pledge to sacrifice their “beloved” children to the demons. “If parents fail to commit themselves to the promise, it backfires even to their beloved ones; demons are fond of blood. But knowing that Christianity has defeated him (the devil), he won’t surrender alone but preferably target innocent children like the case is in the north and elsewhere in the country. His end is approaching, hence influencing and inflicting them with demon spirits in order to take control of people’s minds.” He added that the past deeds of parents and other villagers needed to be spoken out and healed by spiritual leaders through constant prayers. He urged that time has arrived for people with sins to distance themselves from witchdoctors but instead seek refuge in church leaders. “Churches should equally unite and wage a spiritual warfare against the demons. Churches that cannot afford to travel to the affected villages need to join us in prayers because praying is not limited by distance. It is our collective responsibility to show the strength of Christianity. If the abominations and enormities in question remain unpunished, the souls of multitudes face eternal damnation,” lamented Arachab. He appealed to government to issue an order banning witchdoctors from visiting schools under the pretext of conducting cleansing ceremonies at the schools. An English daily yesterday reported an incident at Ambalamumbwenge village near Oshigambo in the Ohangwena region, where demons allegedly launched yet another attack on school children. Arachab advised parents at the affected villages to read bible texts out to their children in the evening and equally conduct prayer sessions before going to school in order to cover the learners with “the blood of Jesus”. “We should not be complacent, the children are the future leaders of our country and if not protected against demon spirits, it could impact negatively on the future leadership of our country. “Just imagine then, our country will be ruled by people that are controlled by demon spirits although they might think to be given good leadership. The demonic traumas they experienced during their academic era could revert back at that stage and be dominated by the mission of demons that is doomed for destruction. We including government should act now, because from the rising till the going down of the sun, he (the devil) is cursing, raving, cutting and slashing innocent children,” he said. Arachab stressed that revelations about the presence of demons at the reported schools should not be undermined or shot down casually. “It exists; in Revelations, the Bible tells us that Michael and his angels fought the dragon and his supporters who wanted to penetrate Heaven but upon defeat were dropped to the earth. I am convinced that the eyewitness testimonies are reliable; people do not make things up because hallucinations or hoaxes on such a scale are impossible. But I repeat: there must be a long-standing conspiracy from some “bad” people in the villages that keep the truth from the rest of us. “Let them confess voluntarily and save the innocent victims from the demons because conspiracies of silence have been exposed on many other matters and this one is no exception.” Arachab referred this reporter to a Bible quote in Luke chapter 10, verse 19: “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you”.