Kaujeua Back in the Studio


By Tapiwa Mkabeta WINDHOEK Known to many as JK’S and to some as Jackson Kaujeua, the man who has carried the Namibian musical culture to many countries within Africa and overseas is back in the studio. To some fans wondering where the folk music singer had been, JK’S is currently working on a new album called “Tereka” due to be released some time in August this year. All music lovers should brace themselves for an album neatly threaded for the enjoyment of people of all walks of life. For the first time in his musical career Kaujeua blends various local languages, including Afrikaans. The new album was inspired after the musician’s return from a festival in the German city of Rudolstad, where he represented Namibia on a platform with musicians from Senegal and Gambia. Apart from his music, JK’S has since started a programme called “The Jackson Kaujeua Spectacle”. This initiative is aimed at helping underprivileged but talented artists improve their natural music talent. Although financial input into the programme is presently a bit of a problem, Kaujeua is optimistic about the outcomes from the initiative. When asked what inspired him to start this programme, his reply was a common Otjiherero term, “Timbovandu otumba ozongombe” (enrich yourself in people, don’t enrich yourself with cattle)”. He reminisces about the people who have inspired him musically whom he is now trying to pay tribute to. The internationally known musician describes himself as a cultural and political musical “ambassador”. On an Art/Life question on current developments in the Namibian music industry, Kaujeua expressed concern about lowered cultural standards. “Namibian music should maintain its diversity. In this musicians have the responsibility of guarding their cultural identity,” he said. Kaujeua encouraged local musicians to work together in building the music industry. *People interested in supporting Kaujeua’s new programme can call him on: 0812054312.

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