First CD for Dominic


By Tapiwa Mkabeta WINDHOEK Having grown up without ever dreaming he would become a musician, today he has a fully compiled album with 15 tracks released in late December last year. Growing up as a child, playing musical drums with friends and singing in the church choir, Dominic Lunenge never dreamed of becoming a musician, yet he has released the album “Hidden Agenda”. When asked why the title “Hidden Agenda”, Lunenge elaborates on how people always have hidden agendas in their promises of love, in the church and in political campaigns. Lunenge prefers to categorise his genre of music as “Modernized Culture”, music that has not lost root of Namibia’s culture, yet is modernised. The album has a blend of various local languages that include Otjiherero, Oshiwambo, Mafwe and Silozi. The album caters for all ages, the young, the old and maybe the restless. Songs like Hidden Agenda and Neme ndi Mushaka are for the young and for those still young at heart – vibrant beats are incorporated in these songs. For the more mature there are songs like Pula and Kuwana Fuma. Lunenge reflects back on how far he has come in the music industry dating back to the time he went to study music at the Zimbabwe College of Music from 1998 to 2000. During the course of his studies at the college, he went on to write and sing the song Neme ndi Mushaka in 1999, which also appears on his album. After graduating from the music college, Lunenge is now working in the field of his passion at the College of Arts here in Namibia as a music instructor. Upgrading on his knowledge in the music industry, Lunenge is currently studying music at the University of Namibia. Dominic plans to conduct promotional tours around Namibia with his new album. He also plans to launch his CD both in Windhoek and in Katima Mulilo, where he says most of his fans are based. The music man also intends to make video shoots for two of the songs on his album.

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