Former NBC Executive Joins Bank


By Chrispin Inambao WINDHOEK Rector Mutelo who last year resigned from a senior managerial position at the troubled Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) recently joined NedBank as its head for corporate marketing and communication, New Era has established. Confirming the move that obviously comes with gilt-edged benefits, Mutelo who described his new job as “very, very exciting”, enthused: “I am basically here to make it happen.” NedBank, the smallest among the commercial banks operating in Namibia is 6,27 percent owned by locals and the remaining 93,73 percent stake is owned by its mother company. Mutelo said there is no difference in his new job as he “moved from a communication environment to another communication environment”. “You can also mention we are going to drive community projects aggressively. We will sponsor conservancy programmes and we will also give some donations to community-driven projects such as education, entrepreneurship, health – targeting HIV,” he said. Last year, his resignation from the NBC as its General Manager for marketing and Sales merely worsened the corporation’s management crisis. The magnitude of the NBC crisis only came to the fore when Gerry Munyama resigned as its boss and was eventually arrested after being implicated in a criminal scheme in which he stole N$346 000 through the so-called Executive Account to which he had exclusive access. After the resignation of Munyama, his favourite sidekick Ruben Prinz the General Manager for Technical Services was suspended for tender irregularities. Insiders had also said the relationship between Munyama and Mutelo was a frosty one because one of the two ridiculed the competency of the other. Initially they had a warm working relationship before having a dramatic fall-out that resulted in hardening of attitudes. Before his departure Mutelo worked his way through the various ranks in the broadcaster’s forerunner, the South West African Broadcasting Corporation (SWABC) and the NBC. He served the two entities for 24 years. While at the NBC he was among the initiators of the now defunct Prime Minister’s Question Time among other phone-in programmes. Apart from his extensive experience in broadcasting management, he is a holder of a Masters degree in Media Management from Boston, USA.