Oshakati Promises Crackdown on Squatters


By Emma Kakololo WINDHOEK THE Oshakati Town Council has warned that it would not sit idle and do nothing while illegal squatters randomly erect structures in its area of jurisdiction. The council cautioned that such practice was in contravention of its Town Planning Scheme and Structure Plan and vowed to leave no stone unturned to bring the culprits to book. “A number of people were intentionally and increasingly erecting illegal structures within the local authority area of Oshakati. This practice will never be entertained and all illegal structures would be done away … against those who are damaging the image of the town,” the Oshakati Town Council warned yesterday. Most of the structures were apparently being erected at night, weekends and public holidays to avoid being caught in the act. Council says it has noticed that some criminal elements are vandalising community projects, more especially damaging and cutting pieces of wire used to fence off the oxidation ponds recently extended and renovated at the town. Council pledged that it would see to it that the town is not turned into a nest for criminals. “These elements should refrain from carrying out such criminal activities and respect community projects and urban revitalisation.” Council also warned some business people operating septic tankers when assisting the community to empty their septic ditches from households and business premises and not to release the sewer water into the open. “Instead of disposing the sewer into the oxidation ponds, they just dump the sewer water into oshanas leaving the sewer water to pollute the water channel, community water sources and the overall environment. “They must contact the council office to obtain keys for the oxidation ponds so that they can dispose the sewer water into the well-contained oxidation ponds for the purpose of keeping hygiene and to protect the urban environment.”

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