Farm Robbers Not So Lucky


By Kuvee Kangueehi The Namibian Police yesterday successfully arrested three suspects at Otjiwarongo after the trio allegedly robbed, hit and tied up 70-year-old Koitje Opperman at his farm. The incident took place in the early hours of yesterday at the Corrigenda Farm in the Osire district and the police have recovered all the stolen items which include six firearms, five pistols and one rifle. Briefing the media yesterday afternoon, Chief Inspector Angula Amulungu said that it is believed that the three suspects loaded the stolen property into the victim’s car, which they drove back to Otjiwarongo. However on the way back to Otjiwarongo the car bumped a tree and the three suspects walked on foot to Otjiwarongo. Amulungu said the police followed the tracks until they arrested them in Otjiwarongo. Amulungu however noted that it is not clear yet whether any of the suspects were employed at the farm earlier. He said in most cases similar to this one, ex-farm workers are usually the suspects or the ones providing information to suspects. The trio are expected to appear in court today. The robbery was the only serious crime that was reported to the Namibian police over the weekend. Meanwhile, the police on Friday released the names of the people who died in the passenger bus accident that took place along the Okahandja/Otjiwarongo road on January 02. The deceased are Saimi Tuwilika Nuukongo (18), Johannes Hanyemunage Stefanus (20), Paulus Nangolo (36), Paulus Kashala (34), Linus Shekuwa (35), Linda Liliputse Nambundunga (18), Emila Shafadino (27) and Anna Julia Shangeelao Ndume. At Keetmanshoop last week Wednesday, a 32-year-old man was arrested for theft of cash. The suspect is an employee of Namibia Beverages and it is believed that he stole the cash of N$25 000 and cheques worth N$21 346.04 from a mobile cash in transit facility. The total money of N$46 346.04 was later found at the suspect’s house during investigations. In the Omusati Region one of the suspects who escaped from police custody on December 31, 2005 was re-arrested at Iitangnanga village, Uukwambi area. Ankonga Andreas Malakia, 22 years of age, becomes the fourth suspect to be re-arrested. Malakia will stand trial in a housebreaking case.