101 229 voters registered in Kavango

A nurse shows her voter card after she registered as a voter.

RUNDU – Election coordinators in Kavango West and Kavango East revealed that 101 229 voters  have registered to date in both regions and they appealed to others who are still unregistered to do so.

Benjamin Makayi, registration coordinator of Kavango West said by last Saturday 42 635 voters had registered in the Kavango West and he believed there were still more people who have not yet registered. He thus encouraged them to make use of the remaining few days before the registration period closes.

“We have been working hard and  covered all areas and venues including the ones which were not on our schedules when we started,” said Makayi.

In Kavango East, the coordinator Michael Kabwata said 58 594 voters have registered to date and the number is still increasing.

“So far the registration exercise is  going well, though in the beginning the statistics for Rundu Urban didn’t look good. It seems people were waiting for the last days but now we see them coming in large numbers and foreigners are not attempting to register. It seems they understand now unlike the previous days,” said Kabwata. He also urged potential voters to make use of the remaining four days to register for the local authority and presidential and National Assembly elections.

Kabwata said potential voters should not wait for the supplementary registration period in September, adding “ you never know what might happen then.”

The voter registration period ends on Sunday, 2 March.

By  John Muyamba


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