NAMCOL readies to take in up to 25 000 learners


WINDHOEK-The Namibia College of Open learning (Namcol) opens its doors to the learners who are unable to be admitted in high intuitions due to low marks.

This includes learners who did not manage the 25 points in Grade 12 and those 23 points in Grade 10 last year.

The 2014 Namcol registration kicks off last Friday with multitudes of learners and adults who requests to improve their points this year. Of the about 32 000  the learners who did not obtain 25 points to enter university or polytechnic, Namcol will only be able to enroll 25 000 learners  this year country wide, including those out of school, youth and adults who already sat for Namcol examination past years. The Director of Namcol, Heroldt Murangi, says Namcol has this year dramatically enhanced its mission when it comes to the improvements of its learners willing to improve their marks at this institution. He adds that the upgrading of the learners who wrote Grade 12 last year at the institution has shown a great performance compared to the ones of 2012. “This already shows Namcol has pulled up its socks and more learners are passing then before. In due time, all the learners will end up passing as we aimed for,” he says. He advises learners currently in Grade 12 this year to pay their full attention to books and study very hard to avoid disappointments.

Tomas Hinalume, a learner who wrote his Grade 12 at A.Shipena Senior Secondary School last year says he came out with 23 points in grade 12 and hopes to improve his marks at Namcol, while venturing into other things in life that will help him when it comes to education. For those interested in improving their marks for Grade 10 and 12, registration started last Friday. Registration fee N$65-00 and N$130- 00 for each Grade 10 (JSC) subject and N$ 220- 00 for each Grade 12 (NSSCO) subjects. The deadline for registration  and payment of tuition fees is March 3.


By Pinehas Nakaziko 


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