Micro-finance project empowers Ohangwena

OMULONGA – The Micro-Finance Project introduced about five years ago under the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development continues to empower and create job opportunities for people in the rural areas. The project, designated to incorporate low-income members of society from the rural areas into the mainstream, is said to be

Business & Finance

Entrepreneurial teaching and learning in Namibian schools

THE Grade 10 and 12 learners started with their final examinations towards the end of last week. I failed Grade 12 twice, and I learnt that an entrepreneurial way of thinking and learning could increase my chances of success. I am not blaming anyone for my failure, but entrepreneurial teaching in all subjects is a


Forstering entrepreneurship – Fuelling your internal fire

THE core of entrepreneurship lies in the heart, and I hope that after you have read this column, you will be able to allow those around you, or at least give them a chance, to see your heart. When I say “fuelling your internal fire of entrepreneurship” I want to remind each of my loyal


Your money and your toddlers

“The first year of your baby’s life has certain cost implications, but between the ages of one and three, your toddler comes with its own unique set of costs. They are more social, attending birthday parties and might be going to a playschool or a childcare centre. The best thing you can do is to


Unam students barred from hostel over debt

By Albertina Nakale WINDHOEK- Some University of Namibia (Unam) students who live in the hostels say they are stranded and have to endure the freezing winter cold by squatting around the campus without proper accommodation. Most of the affected students who are Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) loanholders said the fund did not give



Katutura Expo was fun

From left are Uapato Nguvauva, Keri Kangutjinazo, Uerimuna Tjozongoro and Rakoo Nguvauva at the Katutura Expo that ended last weekend.  The fourth Katutura Expo 2014 was lauded as a resounding success by the event organisers, attracting more than 10 000 visitors. The expo featured local and regional products with crafts, small and large livestock exhibitions


Ongwediva Control Combined School honours its best learners

ONGWEDIVA – The Ongwediva Control Combined School (OCCS) on Friday awarded learners who passed the first and second term examinations this year with an average of 80 percent. The school’s principal, Hofni Kapolo, told Nampa in an interview on the sidelines of the awards’ ceremony that the school collected its own funds to host the

Court & Crime

Police stabbing matter deferred

WINDHOEK – The matter in which a police constable, Herold Malio, 29, who stands accused of stabbing his girlfriend in August, will continue on 9 October in the Okakarara Magistrate’s Court. The mater was postponed for further investigations and a legal aid application. Malio was denied bail in August. He is accused of stabbing his