Once a politician always a politician – Namwandi

BEING at the helm of the Ministry of Education for 22 months as minister, Dr David Namwandi, who is number 89 on the Swapo list for its candidates for the National Assembly shared some of his major achievements with senior New Era journalist, Albertina Nakale, in a wide-ranging interview on some of the highlights and

Business & Finance


Aili Catering pleads for land

By Obrein Simasiku WINDHOEK- Aili Catering and Training Services’ director Aili Venonya is pleading for land from the Windhoek Municipality arguing that the place where she operates from is too small for the increasing number of enrolled students. Venonya said her organisation operates from Ombili Community Centre where it rents a small-sized room for N$1


Forstering entrepreneurship – Fuelling your internal fire

THE core of entrepreneurship lies in the heart, and I hope that after you have read this column, you will be able to allow those around you, or at least give them a chance, to see your heart. When I say “fuelling your internal fire of entrepreneurship” I want to remind each of my loyal


Your money and your toddlers

“The first year of your baby’s life has certain cost implications, but between the ages of one and three, your toddler comes with its own unique set of costs. They are more social, attending birthday parties and might be going to a playschool or a childcare centre. The best thing you can do is to



10 students awarded with old mutual and Nedbank bursaries

  WINDHOEK- Old mutual and Ned-Namibia Education Trust handed over bursary award certificates on Monday to 10 students worth over N$ 50 000 of which three among the 10 are undergraduates at the University and Polytechnic of Namibia, one post graduate and the rest are grade 12. “Since its inception in 2009 a total number



Drought food used as campaign – DTA leader

  WINDHOEK – The DTA has accused Swapo of ‘cheap politicking’ and intimidation of citizens by allegedly announcing through public announcement (PA) systems in Omaheke that if they do not attend Swapo rallies they will not get drought relief or government support. DTA president, McHenry Venaani, made the allegations at a press conference yesterday and



Don’t hurt people!

By Immanuel Namboga There’s this feeling that we always have after doing something wrong. The feeling is so bad that it makes you weak; you get so moody and lose your appetite. The feeling is ugly and it doesn’t go away just like that. We have got heart desires, and that’s where trouble begins. When

Court & Crime

City police warn burglars

By Roland Routh WINDHOEK – The Windhoek City Police has issued a strong warning to house burglars that they will be dealt with severely. City Police Superintendent Gerry Shikesho, issued the warning yesterday in reaction to enquiries from New Era about the arrest and detention of three men found in possession of tools suspected to